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Here at WWPIS we offer the complete package for sporting organisations who are looking to improve or implement a new ‘parental engagement’ program.

1.  Presentations to governing bodies, management and coaches in how to creatively engage sporting parents.

2. Parents Presentations – A fun and interactive presentation looking at a number of tips and strategies that parents can use with their children on a daily basis.

3. Bespoke versions of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts book.’ – including access to the  members area of the website.

4. Workshops for organisations, coaches and parents – personalised to suit the organisations needs.

Please fill out the form in the ‘contact us’ section or call 07897517671 if you require any more information about availability, pricing or to discuss personalised options.


‘Gordon came to deliver at the Northern Ireland Club & Workforce Development Network for us recently.  Parental engagement is a topic of interest for many, and Gordon did a great job of highlighting some key concepts involved in creating positive and constructive relationships between clubs, coaches, parents and young participants.  Not only was there some really useful concepts to think about, but most importantly Gordon helped the group to identify practical ideas that could be used to help the clubs and coaches that they work.’    Simon Toole, Coaching Consultant, Sport Northern Ireland


‘I found WWPIS very interesting and think it would be a superb programme to roll out to our parents.  Having spoken about it as a staff team we are keen to pursue this work further in the future’.

Ruth McQuillan, Club & Workforce Development Officer, Swim Ulster


I was delighted to hear from Gordon recently on his work on “Working With Parents in Sport” WWPIS

Parents are such a big part of our game and are becoming more important so it was great to hear from someone who has experience from both “sides of the fence” as a coach and parent himself.

Gordon demonstrated how sporting clubs and governing bodies should embrace parent involvement and concepts on how to connect the clubs, coaches and players with their parents successfully.

I am keen to hear from or work with WWPIS in the near future. Ian Hughes, Ulster Hockey








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